Why do Some People Not Report Abuse?

Here's a thought for you church geeks about this week's Gospel passage, Matthew 25:14-30. It's the story normally referred to as the "Parable of the Talents." Hang in with me. It's not as boring as you think.

We have three people who are fund managers for a wealthy property investor. By all accounts the man is a brute and dishonest (and when accused of that, he doesn't deny it). He has an illegal loan operation (Exodus 22.20-30) which more than likely made high interest loans to vulnerable poor people, and took their property from them when they got behind. Two of the three managers keep quiet and go along with the program and are rewarded later with more power and money. But one of them denounces the system as a scam, accusing the boss of taking in more income from borrowers than he was owed and in some instances stealing from investments he didn't even make. So he refuses to go along.

The powerful boss responds to his being stood up to by the lowly manager with a punishment that is swift and deep. His remaining money is taken from him and given to those who kept silent, and he is sent into outer darkness. And no one comes to his defense. The other managers don't say a word. There's no HR to go to. There's no court that would believe him, or probably even to hear his case.

So, here's a thought, does what happened to him say anything about why it is that so many women decide to suck it up and remain silent even when their boss is an asshole and sexual predator?

Just wondering...